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Corporate Profile

Able-One Technology Limited, established in 2002, is a fast-growing group specializing in refined and precise Silicone Rubber Products and Ear Pads. Our major products include silicone mobile communication and multimedia peripheries, silicone automotive electronic connectors, silicone house wares, ear pads, etc. which are widely used in the audio-visual device, mobile phones, toys, automobile, electrical appliances, home ware, and medical fields.

Our group operates three factories namely Guang Zhi Hong, Seaco and Goldtron in Dongguan, China. With commitment to quality, we have been awarded certificates of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental protection management system. The group is also certified as a SONY Green Partner and all products meet various international standards such as RoHS, US FDA and EU standards.

To provide better solution for our clients, the group has set up research and development center to take part actively in clients¡¯ project management, including product design, material arrangement, mold design, and after-sales support services. With continuous development in advanced technology, Able-One aims to be your best business partner.